The idea of putting into a service a building, or another similar structure, for a purpose different than that for which it was originally designed can be a very smart move bringing beneficial outcomes when wisely made.

In the medical sector, health services being site based and carrying significant spaces, resources, and costs, leave space to many financial economies or direct profits through a new adaptation or conversion approach. ROD Medical has had a long-standing, collaborative relationship with ROD Development, to assist our clients turn unprofitable portfolios into different businesses that will fill a gap in the market that is caused by factors such as the pandemic, economic crashes and so on. Such synergy amongst our divisions allows us to be cost-efficient and deliver extraordinary results in conversion.

Struggling Assets

Many clients with underperforming and cost heavy assets, or assets that lack the management that leads to successful exploitation of the business, have chosen ROD Investments when they needed reliable partners.

We believe our teams are masterful in solving a wide range of regulatory hiccups as well as refining business models even the ones that are held back by above-board or KPI constraints.

Our main strength at ROD Medical is that we perfectly understand what works within the framework of the existing building, and take into consideration all structural attributes. When converting businesses into Medical institutions, or the opposite, our team of experts is always attentive to the challenges that our clients may face including the deep floor plates, the circulation cores that are often larger than average or the particular mechanical, electrical and plumbing infrastructure required for this type of institutions.

On the other hand, we are very positive about the great number of possibilities the large structure of medical institutions has to offer. Due to its special attributes that benefit from very big floor to floor heights, and grids, these buildings can have multiple uses in many sectors.

Consider structural attributes

Medical institutions can be converted into a revenue generator such as a high yield …
Our clients can benefit from the level of expertise unlocked by our ROD team specialised in repurposings by collaborating with our stand-alone, yet synergy-rich divisions i.e. ROD Seniors, ROD development, ROD M&A and many other divisions.

A couple of such examples that prove we walk the walk too is where we converted an X into Y in a prominent location all while pulling in resources from other divisions to maintain and even improve all the ROCEs.

Unexpected downturn and their ‘Business’ effects

Economic conditions and factors destabilizing it are directly connected to the development business of any kind. Our clients that have experienced a significant downturn on developments that were built for specific purposes i.e. Hospitals, medical clinics, care institutions have benefited from our team’s practiced conversion strategy implementation.

Instances that can cause immediate and unlikely ups and downs in demand, such as COVID – 19 pandemic, leave a long-lasting change in consumer behaviour. Our analytically sound team at ROD Medical, follows an approach where they merge various economic data with trends in industries to funnel down the scenarios and of course, recommend the best conversion strategies for our clients.

Helping clients see a long-term view of assets under development

Real estate projects while under development either to turn into Medical institutions or the opposite, offer a wide variety of options of conversion but a minor error can sometimes cause piling up of undeniable costs in terms of money and time at the time of further conversion to the property.

We comb through the haystack and evaluate all the regulatory, technical or financial and other aspects of development and document the details for our clients and form a strategy to uplift the economic returns/yield on the project.

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